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Instructions in Flesh available worldwide in paperback and all digital reading devices!

Talbot Mathias has always felt different. He’s never been able to really connect with his adoptive parents, has had difficulty making friends at school, and has been tormented for his sexuality ever since entering Mariner High School. As dark visions begin to consume Talbot’s nights, his days grow worse and worse because of the vicious treatment at the hands of Thomas Burke, Randy Erickson, and Jared Peters, three stars of the Mariner football team. But what neither Talbot nor his tormentors know is that a haunting transformation is seeping its way through his veins.

“…if you aren’t afraid to explore the deeper and darker sides of love, fear, and humanity, and you fancy the supernatural, then this book should already be in your hands!”

—EDGE: Boston

About Marcus

“Some writers have great ideas, but fail with the delivery. That is not the case for our author. He has clearly developed his craft and whittled it to perfection”-Wesley Thomas, bestselling author of Nightmare Fuel

E-Festival of Words award winner Marcus James is the author of eight novels, including The Blackmoore Legacy series. He has contributed to a dozen anthologies from Alyson Books, has been a featured writer for the Seattle Gay News, and is host of Queerly Spoken. When not writing he’s cooking, drinking champagne like water, and watching horror films with his husband and their Staffordshire terrier, Nikita. He is 34 years old and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Armed with their unrelenting curiosity to learn the truth. Kelly and Michael set off on a road trip that leads them to more than just the facts about the mystery of Joan and Gordon Kaehee and their disappearance, it leads them to each other and themselves.

2017 E-Festival of Words award winner for Best Literary Fiction

Blackmoore is a heart-wrenching, adventurous supernatural suspense in the tradition of television’s Dark Shadows and Anne Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches. This novel introduces Marcus James and the bewitching Blackmoores to the world.

Los Angeles, 1987. Bodies have been turning up all over the city for months. Broken, bloodied, and mutilated with their hearts and brains missing, while dark entities are stalking the streets of the infamous Sunset Strip, gathering strength for some unknown purpose that seems to center around Kathryn Blackmoore, future matriarch of the Blackmoore dynasty of witches.

A story of love, friendship, religious bigotry, and the courage to be yourself; In God’s Eyes is based on the author’s own experience, and explores the fragile stability of adolescence, and the horrors of religious conversion therapy. It’s a lyrical and theological coming of age story exposing the very real human horrors of religious dogma.

Sex, Witchcraft, and Rock & Roll on the Sunset Strip. Rise of the Nephilim is the first of a two part erotic paranormal romance/thriller revealing the beginnings of one of the most captivating characters in The Blackmoore Legacy Series. It is a stand alone prequel of Eroticism, romance, and suspense.

Set in a culture of wealth and witches, the second book in Marcus James’s Blackmoore Legacy series – this Gothic gay romantic adventure – is a whirlwind of paranormal blended with the finer things of life. Symphony for the Devil is a compelling, plot-driven, and structurally-sound story. The characters are interesting and intelligent and the reader might forget they are reading fiction.

Brews & Books

A fun, lively author-to-author Q&A with lots of laughs, giveaways, signings, and great pints! hosted by Marcus at Ravenna Brewing Co.

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QueerlySpoken is a monthly storytelling series focused on revealing the unique experiences of LGBTQ youth. Each month, six storytellers share their stories in front of a live audience at a local venue.

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Tour & Events

2019 Pride tour benefiting Queerly Spoken; an arts and education program curating the queer experience.

06/08/19: Volunteer Park Pride Picnic, 12pm-7pm. Volunteer Park Seattle.

07/13/19: Tacoma Pride, 12pm-6pm.

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What Readers Are Saying

“A nerve-tingling, nail-biting, superb masterpiece… A superb bit of story telling from a true master of suspense, love, evil, and witchcraft.”

“Every word on every page is a work of art and Marcus James is the master painter.”

“Spellbinding and enchanting. Marcus James is the present day Goth Dickens. The depth of narrative, and the painterly way the author pulls together detail creates a surprisingly plausible netherworld set in the midst of gritty urban Seattle.”

“These ‘characters’ could just as easily be real people that we know and love. He pours life and vulnerability and history into ever person that graces the story. He gives us everything we could possibly want in a novel, not just in terms of the characters he crafts, but the tales he tells. He really cares about what the reader wants.”

“Blackmoore is a beautiful, passionately written gothic novel that was nearly impossible to put down. The story manages to be suspenseful and thrilling, while also being touching and coming-of-age.”

“Five stars!! what a wonderful book! I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! Marcus has a very magical way with words that drags you into the magical world of the Blackmoores and wanting more! I can’t wait to see what happens next! READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!”

“Such an amazing read! Blackmoore will keep you up at night! Not only is it impossible to put down, but the dynamic characters and riveting mystery will haunt your dreams!”

“Gripping and Addictive”

“Marcus James succeeds at being something that has all but died out in books of late: fearless!”

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